Soilless teff sprouts. Plant tesserae. A handful of seeds and teff sprouts

Eating up and eating in the garden.

In 2014, after a decade of working with sprouts in the conventional way, Mugaritz began experimenting with making greenery grow on the plate, literally. The idea was to let sprouts grow from seed by only adding water. We chose teff, an Ethiopian grain that needs little soil to grow.

The process consisted of sprinkling water over a handful of seeds that had been poured onto a tray. The tray would be gently shaken until the entire surface was covered with the seeds. Then, over the course of several days, a little more water was sprinkled over the seeds so they would sprout. Once all the seeds had sprouted, the result was a dense green grass. When cut and served on a plate, each piece resembles a tile-like tessera.

The process is long and laborious, but we have been able to serve over 300 portions of this dish at a single event. This is the beginning of a path.