Sculpting dreams of iron

- - Sinergias

Mugaritz has always shared a bond with the art world. Not only in our style of cuisine but also by offering to display different art works. A range of artists have collaborated with us exhibiting sculptures which merge and interact with our sorroundings which now boasts two pieces of Corne.

Corne Human is a South African artist who decided to change his life two years ago when his dream became his job. He turned his hand to sculpture on a full time basis drawing inspiration from basque mythology to create a five piece collection: Lauburu, La Diosa MariAkerbeltz, Eguzkilore and the Owl.

His artistic name Coren Nuham tell us something about his story. The connotation of Nehuman is new human and as a lover of chaos Coren has disorganized the letters of his name and the resulting yuxtaposition is his artistic name.

And maybe the destiny in which Corne believes led him to one day install a work of Manu Muniategiandikoetxea (Astrolabio) in our dining room and subsequently find the perfect place for his work.

The sculptor envisaged his piece the Owl ‘Zaindari’ (protector)  standing in the garden looking towards de Peñas de Aia mountain range and this vision was to become a reality. Since then, the sculpture of aproximately 6 metres in height [1] has remained on guard watching over us. He points out that the Owl is aware of everything that happens around it. Given that unlike humans they see equally well during the day as at night. In the sculpture an idiosyncratic symbol can be found made up of 8 lines (the four elements and the four cardinal directions) and the circle which represents the spiritual arena.

Collage web

However, Corne’s visión extended beyond being just the perfect place for his work and also forces space for other artists. This is why the sculpture incorporates within a small galery (1’30m x 2’15m x 53cm) where defying its limitations they can exhibit their own works.

Along with the Owl, on our terrace beneath the ancient oak stands the Akerbeltz. This black goat, an important character in basque mithology, shows us both its faces, a serious and playfull side reflecting the polarity of its personality. This sculpture invites us to interact, to fill a void with your imagination and to uncover all the symbol which it hides, like the sun.


Corne may be another representation of the philosophy of Mugaritz, given that through effort and passion he has made his dream come true. A sentiment echoed in the ceiling sculpted in our kitchen: ‘Lo posible de lo posible se mide por la voluntad del ser humano’ (The possible of the impossible is messured by the will of the human being).

Note: Some of his other works can be seen in Tiriki-Tauki, on the Aldamar street of San Sebastian.

Here you can read this post in Spanish.

[1] As far as Corne can tell this is the biggest iron Owl in the world