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A 4 day trip to Mexico

Mexico is an explosion of stimulae for all the senses. We already knew this, but we experienced it again on our last trip to D.F. We were there for 4 days and attended Mesamérica, an annual gathering which is quickly becoming one of the most important and exciting culinary symposiums in the world.

Intense would be the most appropriate word to describe our experience and we couldn’t have asked for a better host than Chef Arturo Fernandez. Finding him this time in the role of head Chef of Restaurante Raíz is one of those gifts which fate bestows upon you. In 2004 Arturo worked with us as an apprentice in the kitchen and now he owns a restaurant which combines innovation, culture and education.

Mexico also gave us the chance to meet up with old friends like Massimo Bottura, René Redzepi, Gastón Acurio, Daniel Humm, Jordi Roca and Alex Atala, among others. In the end, it is during the chance meetings and brief shared moments that one learns the most important lessons at these gatherings.

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La Fura dels Baus coaches Mugaritz

Our latest collaboration with La Fura dels Baus is still fresh in our memories. We want to share this experience because no one is better at making us learn through laughter than this experimental theatre company with whom we have already shared more than one gastronomic adventure (“Titus Andronicus”, 2010 and “Macaron de Caza”, 2012).

Our everyday work generates benign tensions which can be transformed into positive collective experiences. In order to do this, we had to submit ourselves to the will of this catalan group and work very hard to improve our understanding of ourselves and others. The title we chose for this project is “Work in Progress”, precisely because what matters most is not the end result, but the road we travel to get there.

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Vegetable orgies full of stories

- - Baratza, Cocina

Our flowers and herbs are not only edible. They tell stories. They generate emotions and genuine bonds of friendship. For us, the gap between plant and edible, has always been a blurred line we happily cross ever since the beginnings of Mugaritz. Nowadays, our garden provides more than 125 different species of plants, flowers and fruits and we have managed to make them an active part of our proposals in the menu.

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Chocolate covered sins

- - Cocina, Sinergias

Chocolate is both pleasure and vital energy. Black or white, sweet or bitter, it nourishes body and spirit and is a millenary healthy ingredient. When enjoyed in the right proportion, it stimulates the production of endorphins, those substances released by the pituitary gland and controlled by the hypothalamus which are responsible, among other things, of producing that all-too-familiar sensation of well-being and excitement.


At Mugaritz, we are well aware of chocolate’s intoxicating and appealing effect, so we decided it was time to tackle the challenge of using this ingredient in new recipes and desserts. Of course, we felt compelled to develop a new dimension to this exercise; something that arose desire and curiosity in dinners at the table. We have designed a playful ending for the new menu, offering very special gifts that have been covered in chocolate. The 7 capital sins covered in chocolate.

The chocolates have been created in collaboration with the world famous chocolatier Oriol Balaguer from Catalunia, who has spent several months working on capturing different shapes, textures and flavors in a delicate mouthful full of intentions.

An aphrodisiac version of The Tower of Babel made in natural oak wood, like the cornerstone tree which gives name to Mugaritz. A tower that requires dexterity, skills and eagerness to those attempting to put it together once the pieces have been separated. The design of the tower was carried out by GR Industrial Design in Barcelona, a group of designers who have given our ideas a stunning construction in both shape and heart.

The use of chocolate is not common in our cooking. It is for this reason, that defying the stablished standards and escaping the common uses and acceptance of this great ingredient, has been an amazing challenge. We are happy to present chocolate in is most innovative version; one full of playfulness and surprise.

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The challenge of playing at the table

- - Cocina, Noticias, Propuestas

Mugaritz reopens next April 10th to begin the 2013 season. After several months using hundreds of hours in experimentation and tests, we return with a new gastronomic proposal, full of surprises. For the new season, we maintain the essence that has characterized us for a very long time: our attachment to seasonal products and our commitment to the local geographical environment. Nevertheless, we want to reinforce our search for innovation and consider the use of new proposals which could enrich our gastronomic offer. In some of the new dishes, there will be glimpses of many other fields like japanese ceramics, game design and artistic performance. All these because we want to enhance the implication of dinners in a journey of discovery through game.Mugaritz reabre sus puertas el 10 de abril para iniciar la temporada 2013. Después de unos meses dedicados a cientos de horas de experimentación y pruebas volvemos con una propuesta gastronómica única llena de sorpresas. Serán más de cuarenta platos de nueva creación los que incorporaremos a la carta.
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