La Fura dels Baus coaches Mugaritz

Our latest collaboration with La Fura dels Baus is still fresh in our memories. We want to share this experience because no one is better at making us learn through laughter than this experimental theatre company with whom we have already shared more than one gastronomic adventure (“Titus Andronicus”, 2010 and “Macaron de Caza”, 2012).

Our everyday work generates benign tensions which can be transformed into positive collective experiences. In order to do this, we had to submit ourselves to the will of this catalan group and work very hard to improve our understanding of ourselves and others. The title we chose for this project is “Work in Progress”, precisely because what matters most is not the end result, but the road we travel to get there.

For five days, the creative director of La Fura, Pep Gatell, used the dinning room of the restaurant as the playground for many different exercises based on having fun while overcoming a range of awkward situations. The reason for this was to conquer very simple but not so easy-to-achieve goals: lack of inhibition, team work, bodily and kinaesthetic performance, control of space and a broad vision of the surroundings. Merging the kitchen and front of house teams was not an easy challenge. These two worlds don’t share rhythm or movements; they complete each other’s efforts, but don’t necessarily work in unison. This is why in many of the exercises the couples were comprised by one member of each team. The result was amazing! The tension of the first sessions soon diluted and gave way to fun and collective catharsis. There was competitivity and laughter.

Without a doubt, the highlight of this experience was the depersonalisation exercise, when we were all asked to lose our clothes and cover ourselves in mud to crawl on top of each other. This dynamic is a well known technique to detach a member of a group from any barrier he holds against the other members of that team. We were and continue to be all the same and our interactions have no barriers. This game brought out the most intimate side in us, because no matter who was lying by our side, he was to be trusted.

The whole experience of “Work in Progress”, gave us a deeper perspective of what we do. Regardless of the activity we perform (entertaining a guest or cooking a dish), we have learnt to connect with every member of the team at levels which were previously unknown to us.

A great experience to keep discovering ourselves.