Kiss my Kiss

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A brief history of a social prototype that uses candies to work on the kiss

Kiss my Kiss from Mugaritz on Vimeo.

These are the indisputable facts which is accounted for in the video we presented: approximately two hundred people from all walks of gender, age, class and ideology met on July 16, 2015 at Móstoles’ May 2 Art Center (CA2M) to kiss each other while eating sweets.

What happened there could be taken as one of the countless events (lipdubs, flash mobs, hangouts, happenings, etc.), also called “the society of the show” that mark days and nights. They are events held for the greater glory of a facile and mindless hedonism, contributing nothing to those who experience it except for a false exhibitionism that replicates as an endless loop in social networks: a meager ” I was there”.

Kiss my kiss pursued to break that narcissistic and self-satisfied logic, that absurd celebration of oneself, by putting into play the kiss. The kiss makes us come out of ourselves and become one with the other, unapologetically proclaiming something that goes against common sense.  Among other things, it violates the fundamentals of desire: “the kiss for those who make it work”. An anti-climactic message, anaphrodisiac in appearance, that led to its logical conclusion through achieving to melt effort and pleasure, work and evasion.

The purpose of Kiss my Kiss was to make the kiss more difficult in order to improve it. This abandons the culturally predictable and weary path of the happy ending kiss with which Hollywood has managed to imprint in our cerebral cortex. It mobilised for itself different resources including human, technical, poetry, music, food, libidinal, artistic, etc…

If we rewind through the history of Kiss my Kiss, we could see a couple of chefs from Mugaritz’ creative team, a poet and sociologist (I am aware that the statement anticipates a joke, probably a bad one), gathered around a kitchen counter, surrounded by notes, trinkets, laptops and empty coffee cups. The four were joined together by an enthusiasm that is between childish and deliciously idiotic for the power and promise of sweets. Several Mugaritz team members would later join the group in order to solve the logistics of a dream: how to kiss with your mouth full.

In other words: how to make the kiss, the most disruptive, interesting, pleasant and reflective experience. Dimensions that should not have to neutralize one over the other – “intrusion” between mouths and between tongues. Candies whose job was to speculate with flavours, shapes, colours, smells and textures, so that the kiss provokes an outburst of feelings and thoughts, pleasures and displeasures, and disagreements.

This is the backstage, the hidden part of what happened that afternoon as part of the Picnic Sessions organized by the CA2M. Like any backstage, ours was also a space, inhospitable and secretive, where we can assure that our work effortlessly intermingled pleasure and pleasure of work. The video subtly shows, like a backdrop that looks more like a woven network to catch the subconscious, the plot of concepts and ways that support what happened there. The substrate that allowed those expressions of joy, puzzlement and communion to surface in the first place was thanks to an audience that honoured us, something we wanted to show in this video. Enjoy it responsibly.

Iñaki Martinez de Albeniz.

PhD in Socilogy by UPV.