Interpretation and improvisation at Mugaritz

- - Sinergias

Gastronomy and jazz both improvise and make interpretations. These activities are stimulating for chefs and musicians.

At Mugaritz, music has been the cornerstone for different projects. This is how Mugaritz BSO was born some years ago, when Andoni Luis Aduriz dreamt about giving music to the creations of Mugaritz.

Interpretación e improvisación en Mugaritz

Following our philosophy of being open to new connections with other disciplines, it is time for us to blend ourselves with jazz. The next 26th and 28th of July, the terrace at Mugaritz will become one of the multiple stages of the Jazzaldia festival. The internationally renowned croatian pianist Matija Dedic and the american cellist Erik Friedlander will each have one night to show their art while we serve a cocktail for the attending guests. It will be a perfect opportunity to open ourselves to new inspiring spaces, listen to the work of true artists and share improvisation at its purest stage.

At Mugaritz we believe that “the where” and “the how” are modifiers which alter the way small dosses of creativity become unique experiences. So on the 26th and the 28th, we’ll get carried away by a solo -piano or cello- while we try to figure out what music tastes like.