Human evolution and shirts with aroma

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We continue to playfully wink at art by inviting more artists to be part of our project. Mugaritz has already jumped into different adventures together with Moraza, Manu Muniategiandikoetxea and Amets Arzallus, among others.

Now, it is time for Alfredo Álvarez Plágaro to join the club. This Basque born artist brought to life a series of illustrations for our Foie Gras book some years ago. Now he has designed the drawing which will be stamped on the first of many Mugaritz shirts.

We will try to make a new shirt every season with designs made by different artists. This year’s design is a witty chain of evolution which begins with a monkey’s outstretched thumb holding a banana and evolves along the line of hominids until the arrival of modern man. The physical evolution is mirrored in the ever increasing complexity of the food they eat.

Evolución humana y camisetas con aroma

The technique used by the artist is known as “Single trace drawing” and it consists of a single line that glides through the paper. It is drawing without interrupting the trace. The artist reveals that stopping to think what the next trace should be, is something valid, however it is not always the most desirable choice; “The ideal is to figure out what to do next without thinking too much about it. You must keep going in a natural way and without a sketch or other tricks. It is frozen intuition and this is why the result is always surprising”.

Referring to this particular creation, the artist says: “The most important thing isn’t what it is, but the fact that what it is, is repeated over and over again.”