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The simplicity of an apple

A great metamorphosis lies behind the white velvet of this apple. The peculiar resemblance of culture and cultivation is expressed through the art of fermentation. The transformation of food through a fermentative process withholds a world of possibilities to modify the aromatic expression and texture potential of food.

In Mugaritz we explore different fermentation techniques, each has a particular ceremony and the results vary greatly from one to another. Perhaps the only element they all share is the main concept behind them. The detachment of the mold from the food which it usually ferments.

Terciopelo de Manzana from Mugaritz on Vimeo.

We use the bacteria Rhizopus oligosporus, which is traditionally used in Indonesia to ferment soy beans and make Tempeh, together with an emblematic ingredient of Basque culture: apples. After a 36 hour process, the mold transforms the whole structure of the apple using its natural sugar content and acidity to develop more complex aromas like those of flowers and tropical fruits. Furthermore, a white, velvety, hairy looking texture spawns from the fermenting apple and continues to grow until the whole process is finished.

The result is a rather strange looking apple which defies some and lures in the more adventurous. This new dish reminds us a lot of our “Edible Stones” because despite the first visual impression, which immediately leaves you taken aback, its inside is a surprisingly easy-to-eat mouthful. The familiarity of its flavors convinces even the most skeptical among us because its secret lies in its simplicity.

As a new dish, our fermented apple was presented in the 2013 edition of San Sebastian Gastronomika congress, however, fermentation has been present in many different civilizations over the course of history. Every one of them has handed down a legacy of culture which should be cultivated and passed along. We hope this new idea is not only a delight for the senses, but also inspiration for whoever might be looking for it.


The challenge of playing at the table

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Mugaritz reopens next April 10th to begin the 2013 season. After several months using hundreds of hours in experimentation and tests, we return with a new gastronomic proposal, full of surprises. For the new season, we maintain the essence that has characterized us for a very long time: our attachment to seasonal products and our commitment to the local geographical environment. Nevertheless, we want to reinforce our search for innovation and consider the use of new proposals which could enrich our gastronomic offer. In some of the new dishes, there will be glimpses of many other fields like japanese ceramics, game design and artistic performance. All these because we want to enhance the implication of dinners in a journey of discovery through game.Mugaritz reabre sus puertas el 10 de abril para iniciar la temporada 2013. Después de unos meses dedicados a cientos de horas de experimentación y pruebas volvemos con una propuesta gastronómica única llena de sorpresas. Serán más de cuarenta platos de nueva creación los que incorporaremos a la carta.
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