Blood, pastry and game

- - Propuestas, Sinergias

Three elements which are part of a dish and are the beginning of a story. We play with the visual impact of the video produced with La Fura dels Baus (presented in San Sebastián Gastronomika 2012 and the Berlinale 2013) and the creation of the dish we serve at Mugaritz.

At first glance, our Macaron appears to be sophisticated. An avant-garde proposal that avoids classism however, it reminds us of a very old recipe. Black pudding in the shape of a traditional french Macaron. We make it with pig’s blood and we fill it with ingredients which vary according to the season: sheep’s milk, Foie gras or game birds. The dish offers different sensations to the dinner, but the story is the binder which ensures that everyone will remember it:

Blood was a very common ingredient in pastries during XVI century; eggs were not. There is a lot of evidence of “sweet black pudding” spread across European regions; the “Tartine di Sanguinaccio”, a sweet combination of blood and chocolate, from Calabria, Italy, or the “Morcilla Dulce” from Navarra in Spain.

The attraction we feel towards La Fura dels Baus is strong and it keeps growing. We have just finished another project of which we will soon be able to enjoy the result.